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Magic in Metal and Stone a video by
Jon H. Davis & Iris Brooks

Eric David Laxman - An Introduction


Artist Eric David Laxman sculpts substantial and elegant pieces. His chosen materials are metal and stone. He takes those raw composites and energetically transforms them into something at once very real and highly conceptual. When he’s pulling out of steel or marble its core character, his intensity is almost primal. It’s clear he’s wrestling with the essence of a shape until it acknowledges itself. He’ll use plasma cutters, oxyacetylene torches, arc welders, benders, hammers …chisels if he has to - to liberate the thing within... readmore»


478 Mountainview Avenue, Valley Cottage, NY 10989.  T: 845.304.7615  F: 845.429.4454 E: eric@ericdavidlaxman.com
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