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Eric David Laxman draws attention in the media. Both his sculptures and his creative process have gotten their share of ink.

  • Nyack People and Places: Eric david Laxman, Sculptor

     Nyack News and Views

     Aug 2018


  • Eric David Laxman is Hudson Valley's Greatest Sculptor

     Rivertown Magazaine

     Nov 2017


  • Rockland's Eric Laxman gave up a career in medicine to carve a reputation in art

     Renaissance Man

     Jun 2016


  • At Chaffe, art 'pulses' through sculptors' hands

     Rutland Herald

     Jun 2014


  • Bend it like Laxman


     Jan 2014


  • New 9/11 tribute opens at RCC

     The Journal News

     Sep 2012


  • Off the palette- Eric David Laxman

     HV Biz

     Aug 2010


  • Public Sculpture

     design NJ

     Aug 2010


  • Artist builds a 'Conversation'

     The Journal News

     Aug 2009


  • Sculpture comes home


     Jun 2009


  • He's got the metal


     Oct 2008


  • Museum quality sculpture, custom furniture and hand railings


     Jan 2008


  • A night to honor Rockland's artists

     The Journal News

     Apr 2007


  • Culture, art and community in the lower Hudson valley

     The Hook

     Sep 2006


  • Need a painter? Call a plumber

     Life & Style

     May 2006


  • Primal Power

     Metro House

     Sep 2005


  • Rockland county's red hot art scene


     Sep 2005


  • Creative Explorer

     Hudson Valley

     Jul 2005


  • Eric David Laxman: Sculpture

     Art New England

     Oct 2004


  • Where form meets function

     Home & Design

     May 2004