Public Art
Working in a range of materials, Laxman's monumental and moving public sculptures and memorials add life and create community in numerous locations throughout the Metropolitan area and nationwide...view items

Custom hand railings set an elevated tone in a home. Itís a niche art form. An aesthetic spotlight. Custom hand railings Ė wherever placed- can rivet the attention of guests...view items

Pedestal, Coffee, Bedside, Foyer. The glass and steel tables of EDL Studios are both stunning and sturdy. There are bronze pieces and a few cedar ones too. All unique works of art that will stand the test of time...view items

Wall Art
Decorative metal hangings. Sconces. Nothing youíve seen before. Laxman art can be on permanent display in a home or office building. Suitably lit Ė itís likely to command attention and lend ambience...view items

Some consider sculpture to be a sort of talisman, that is something whose presence exerts a powerful influence on human feelings and thoughts. Sculpture then is a structure in which to encounter mysteryÖ and perhaps yourself...view items

Functional Art
How to make something both exquisite AND useful: Laxmanís pursuit.
Stone and metal candleholders. Bronze mirror frames. Upholstered side chairs. Stainless steel backsplashes. EDL Studios is as painstaking about their useful art as they are about sculptural constructs...view items