"Patience: Lady Bridgeport City Trust"

  • Art Deco-front
  • Art Deco-front-3-4
  • Art Deco-back
  • Art Deco-front-3-4-detail
  • Art Deco-back-3-4-detail
  • Above-back
  • Art Deco-above-front


72"h x 21"w x 21"d


Directly fabricated in Steel, bronze and Stainless Steel

The Bridgeport City Trust is a landmark Art Deco Building in the heart of Bridgeport, CT. The client wanted to create an iconic art deco sculpture for the newly renovated lobby which features original art deco metalwork and other art deco features. I started the design collaboration by creating a 2-D design concept which the client immediately approved. I then created a scale 3-D model in plaster showing the concept in the round. The process of creating this very literal figure using a direct fabrication process was incredibly labor intensive and technically challenging. This approach was utilized so that i could combine and integrate three diverse types of metals.