"Whorl Of Wonder" Valley Cottage Library

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66"H x 30"W x 24"D


Stainless Steel, SiBronze, Verde Antique Marble

The stainless steel, bronze and marble sculpture honors Trustee Herbert Lerner and his more than 50 years of service dedicated to fostering the growth and vitality of the library. The dynamic, kinetic sculpture in the center courtyard is a metaphor for Herb's energetic presence at the heart of the library and his recognition of it's importance as a center of learning and community connection. "Whorl of Wonder" is a symbol for creativity and the limitless potential we can find in the world around us. I am very honored to have been commissioned to create
this sculpture for the Valley Cottage Library community, who nurtured my son's curiosity and helped me to expose him to the wonder of books and the magic of discovery.