Bird Of Paradise Lobby Sculpture

  • Bird of Paradise- view 3
  • Bird of Paradise- view 4
  • Bird of Paradise- view 1
  • Bird of Paradise- view 2
  • Eric and  Irene Ginsburg with Bird of Paradise-View 1
  • Eric and  Irene Ginsburg with Bird of Paradise-View 2
  • Martin Ginsburg,  Irene Ginsburg. Mayor Thommas Roach and  Eric Laxman with Bird of Paradise at Lobby Dedication/ unveiling.


85"H X 27"W X 27"D


Steel, Bronze, Stainless Steel

Bird of Paradise is permanently installed in the Lobby of The Metro Building, a luxury apartment building in the heart of downtown White Plains, NY. The lobby was recently renovated by the Ginsburg Development Corporation (GDC). It is hand fabricated using a combination of diverse metals including Steel, Bronze and stainless steel.
The sculpture is intended to evoke a bird in flight, ascending gracefully and defying gravity. The form is also inspired by the organic, elegant curves of the Bird of Paradise Flower. It suggests growth, vitality and the life force.